Monday, January 14, 2008

malabrigo swap package

malabrigo swap package
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Darcy was my secret pal for this Malabrigo swap and she is awesome. She sent me some beautiful worsted Malabrigo in jewel tones which I love and then filled the package with little things she knew I needed or would like. Size 3 circular needles, a row counter, a tape measure (my kids are always stealing mine) and some great patterns to try. She also included some organic coffee that I can't wait to try and some chocolate covered cashews which are already half gone and a cute fairy magnet. Oh and she included Feb. Knit 'n' Style and highlighted part of an article that talks about the Yarn Harlot being a doula! How sweet was that. Darcy, thank you for putting so much thought into this package. It made my day!

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