Wednesday, April 9, 2008

May Flower Swap Questionnaire

What is/are your favorite color(s)? I love so many. Cherry reds, mango, lime or apple greens, pinks, blues….
What color do you like the least? Nothing too olive drab, nor your typical baby pastels
What type of project would you like your kit to provide (socks, scarf, bag, surprise me, other–be specific):

I was thinking of some of the fun spring patterns that Noni has out:

I love the three confections (any one of them), the just fuchsias, tulips tote, just hydrangeas, just cherry blossoms, and the poppies patterns. Love them all.

Any allergies? Nope, but chemically perfumed smells give me a headache
Any pet allergies? No
Favorite edible treat? Ooh, a lot. Dark chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate or almost any sweet and salty combination, any sweet carbohydrate, cheesecake. I like healthy stuff too though! Just no licorice or marshmallow, yuck. And I’m a vegetarian (not that anyone is going to mail me some meat).
Coffee, tea or cocoa drinker? Tea and coffee. Not a picky coffee drinker, I like it sweet and weak. I love all kinds of tea.
Smoker? Nope
Favorite flower/herb/other growing thing? That’ hard. I love gardening. I like a lot of native woodland flowers like trilliums. I love bleeding hearts and nasturtiums, foxgloves, poppies, sunflowers, rosemary, basil, pineapple sage(smells so good), some of the scented geraniums, cosmos, delphinium….
Do you prefer seeds, bulbs, or cuttings? Any but bulbs might be fun. I’m moving in a few weeks and don’t have the landscaping figured out yet. So, maybe not something I’d have to put in the ground right away if possible. But if not, that’s ok. I’ll make it work.
Any suggestions that would make your kit even more special than it is already going to be? I love all the fun pagan-like spring frivolity! Fairies, maypoles, flower garlands, and all that stuff. However, we are having to purge a lot of our stuff to move into a smaller place. I’ve been given some cute fairy knickknacks before but am trying to cut back on that stuff unless is also functional! Just don’t have the room any more. Oh, and I love to handmade, creative things like you find on